Become second to none in the premium printing and packaging industry in India and one of the best globally.


Deliver superior, cost-effective and environmental friendly solutions for the printing and packaging needs of premium consumer products that reinforce branding, adheres to specified time frames and benefits all stakeholders.

Powered by Values

“Our values drive our technology, processes, practices and relationships. Dad always looked ahead to the next level. He emphasized automation, infrastructure and volumes. This helps us give value-added products at competitive prices. The best product at the best price.”

-Dinakar Thyagaraj, Managing Director, J.C. Stationery Pvt. Ltd.

Attention to detail – Enhances quality.
Responsibility towards stakeholders – Builds ownership.
Ethical approach – Respects the laws of the universe.
Adopting best practices – Promotes excellence.
Maintaining transparency – Infuses trust.
Respecting confidentiality – Creates loyalty.
Delighting the customer – Brings satisfaction.
Delivering value – Leaves a legacy.

Facts and Figures at a Glance

~ Complete end-to-end stationery production, printing, and packaging solutions under one roof.
~ Established by a technocrat with a passion for printing technology.
~ 40-years legacy of excellence in products and service.
~ 40,000 master corrugated cartons per day.
~ 20 lakh mono cartons per day.
~ 25 lakh cigarette HLPs per day.
~ 5 lakh notebooks per day.
~ Industrial space of 1,70,000 sq. ft.
~ Current monthly production of 2500 tons on average.
~ ISO 9001:2008 for process compliance.
~ First in India to become ISO 12647-2:2013 certified printshop.
~ ISO certification for packaging is in process.
~ Registered member of CAPEXIL.
~ Professionally managed.
~ Total workforce of 750 skilled people.
~ One of the largest stationery companies in India.
~ The largest packaging company in Andhra Pradesh.
~ One of the largest packaging companies in South India.
~ Excise turnover of 250 crores for the year 14-15.
~ UV coated and Met Pet laminated mono cartons.
~ Posters, hanging cards and danglers.
~ Corrugated boxes, micro fluted and master cartons.
~ Paper stationery and notebooks of exceptional quality.

An Unstoppable Story

The story of JC United is inextricably linked to that of H. Ratnakar Thayagaraj, now 76 years old. In 1963, his uncle sent the young Thayagaraj to Germany to learn printing technology. He spent five years in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, eagerly absorbing technical knowhow and sharpening his skills in offset printing and packaging technology. Even today, he is more fluent in German than in English. And can still be found on the printing floor, keeping a nuanced eye on the production lines.

“I'm a technocrat,” says Thayagaraj. “I was mad about these machines and wanted to be second to none, even though at that time I had no funds.” And he never looked back, or at his limitations, intent only on going forward.

Thayagaraj is a graduate from the College of Printing Technology, Guindy, Madras. Initially, he worked with his uncle on imported and used litho printing machines, printing posters for the cinema industry in the South and in Bengal. Later, they set up one of the first offset presses in Andhra Pradesh.

Eventually, the uncle moved out of the printing business and Thayagaraj decided to strike out on his own. Borrowing 14000 rupees, he took an old inoperative printing machine on lease and made it work. And the first chapter in the story of J.C. United started getting written.

Much water has flowed down the River Krishna since then. Thayagaraj took plenty of risks and had no partners or funding. He faced huge difficulties, but never looked back nor allowed his limitations to overcome him. His family and his spirituality kept him strong then, as now.

Gradually, more and more machines were added, technicians trained and infrastructure took shape. “I had a good rapport with the workers,” recalls Thayagaraj. “I trained them and was like a guru to them.”

It was not long before Thayagaraj, with typical foresight, ventured into packaging.

Thayagaraj's two sons, Karunakar and Dinakar grew up and joined him, taking the business from strength to strength. Karunakar is a commerce graduate with substantial industry experience and Dinakar has an MBA and is a visionary.

From its humble beginnings 40 years ago, JC Graphics has steadily grown, investing and building up capacity for delivering quality and volumes on time. Today, JC United employs more than 800 people in seven locations. And JC Stationery is one of the largest such units in India. It is the first in the country to receive ISO certification for printing from Germany.

What does the future hold? The agenda is to match the best in India and offer printing and packaging services to the world.


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JC Stationery Pvt. Ltd.

Paper stationery products

JC Stationery is part of JC United, together with JC Graphics. It is among the largest producers of notebooks in India, with an installed capacity for producing half a million notebooks a day.

We contributed technical expertise in developing the high performance Line-O-Matic machines on which the exercise notebooks are produced. Four of these machines at JC Stationery convert endless reels of paper into premium notebooks, at the speed of 250 meters per minute to 300 meters per minute. The star of this unit is the ECH WILL from Germany.

JC Stationery has produced and supplied premium branded notebooks, using eco-friendly and elemental chlorine-free paper, featuring innovative designs and superior craftsmanship.

The books are quality checked, shrink-wrapped and boxed for transportation and storage. They are shipped to delivery locations across the country.

JC Graphics Pvt. Ltd.

Packaging and printing.

An ISO 12647-2:2013 Certified Printshop

Incorporated in 1990, JC Graphics manufactures customized packaging for a range of products. These include mono cartons (UV coated and MetPet Laminated), printed products such as posters, hanging cards and danglers, and corrugated boxes (micro fluted and master cartons).

The infrastructure and machinery include several well equipped shop floors, storage space, diesel generators and safety equipment.

Trained staffs at the quality control lab keep a tight check on incoming raw materials and outgoing finished goods. In-process inspection is also done. The lab features a Scuff Tester, Bursting Tester, Compression Tester, GSM Tester and Caliper Thickness Guage. We ensure quality compliance according to customer requirements.

Complete logistical support ensures on-time delivery of raw materials and finished goods. All dispatched goods are insured.

Location and Infrastructure

The value of strategic space

The locational advantage of JC United in Vijayawada are many. It is right next door to the upcoming new capital of Andhra Pradesh: Amaravathi.

The raw materials requirement of paper boards and specialty papers are available in plenty from Bhadrachalam and Rajahmundry, 120 kms away.

A major trucking hub in Vijayawada, Bhavanipuram, dispatches freight by road. It connects to multi-lane national highways leading to Kolkata, Chennai and other major destinations in India. The three nearby ports of Krishnapatnam, Machilipatnam and Vishakapatnam offer access to world markets. And Vijayawada is the largest junction in the South Central Railway network and the second biggest in India, handling more than 320 trains a day, including freight. Finished goods can be sent to any location in India.

JC United has a total industrial space of 1,70,000 sq ft in and around Vijayawada. Some production units are near villages, from where 500 men and women find gainful employment in the units. And the company is engaged in paying back to the community through its CSR initiatives.

Manpower and Expertise

In J.C. United, our most valuable asset is our manpower. That includes womanpower. Without them the machines cannot run and production cannot happen. Every individual counts. Every individual is valued.

There are multiple teams functioning in sync with each other to deliver value.
• Management and Administration
• Technical teams on the machines
• Semi-skilled operational teams
• Logistics and support teams

Many workers are from nearby villages and appreciate the employment opportunity they have with J.C. United.