Your wonderful product needs to reach the end consumer in great shape and on time. It needs to stand out from the crowd, from the clutter of me-too products on display. And catch the eye of the buyer. We can help you showcase it.

JC United offers world-class printing and packaging solutions that makes the greatness of your brand shine forth. We also produce some of the best stationery notebooks on the market. Some of our exercise notebooks have been runaway bestsellers in the country, the choice of millions, among them one of India's leading notebook brand.

Give your products a facelift and enhance their shelf life, with the printing and packaging services of JC United.

Printing & Packaging

~ Posters on Sticker Paper and with 2 side gum tape.
~ Danglers and Hanging Cards.
~ Stickers.
~ Cartons printed with Offset Gravure combination.
~ Cartons printed on METPET with U.V. coating.
~ Cartons printed with Offset.
~ Offset printed cartons with U.V. coating.
~ Offset printed cartons with Aqueous Varnish coating.
~ Foil look-alike cartons.
~ 4/6 Corner boxes.
~ Cartons with textured U.V. coating.
~ Tucks and Blister cards.
~ Cartons with windows.


~ A4, A3 and Fs Corrugated boxes.
~ Micro fluted cartons (Duplex and Kraft combination).
~ Master cartons (Broad, Narrow, E & F Flute).

Publishing and Office Stationery

~ Publication books.
~ Children’s books.
~ Hardbound books.
~ Diaries.
~ Table calendars.
~ All types of paper stationery.

Stationery For Students

~ Student note books.
~ Student practical note books.
~ Graph books.
~ Drawing books.


~ Custom designed.
~ Visual appeal.
~ Structural strength.
~ Excellent barrier properties.
~ Content visibility.
~ Reclosable.
~ Recycleable.
~ Tamper proof.
~ Pilfer resistant.


JC Stationery makes some of the best stationery in this part of the world. This includes student notebooks, with soft and hard covers, diaries, table calendars and other kinds of paper stationery.

JC Stationery is part of JC United, and ranks among the largest producers of notebooks in India, with an installed capacity for producing half a million notebooks a day. We contributed technical expertise in developing the high performance Line-O-Matic machines on which the exercise notebooks are printed, bound and produced. Four of these machines at JC Stationery convert endless reels of paper into premium notebooks, at the speed of 250 meters per minute to 300 meters per minute. The star of this unit is the ECH WILL from Germany.

The books are quality checked, shrink-wrapped and boxed for transportation and storage. They are shipped to delivery locations across the country and exported to markets overseas.

Our premium notebooks use eco-friendly and elemental chlorine-free paper, featuring innovative designs and superior craftsmanship.

Packaging & Printing

JC Graphics is a trend setter in packaging and offers a whole range of options and features. Incorporated in 1990, JC Graphics manufactures customized packaging for a range of products. These include mono cartons (UV coated and Met Pet laminated), printed products such as posters, hanging cards and danglers, and corrugated boxes (micro fluted and master cartons) and many more. Our boxes are known for durability, dimensional accuracy and finishing excellence.

Trained staffs at the quality control lab keep a tight check on incoming raw materials and outgoing finished goods. In-process inspection is also done. We ensure quality compliance according to customer requirements.

Complete logistical support ensures on-time delivery of raw materials and finished goods. All dispatched goods are insured.


JC Graphics is an ISO 12647-2:2013 certified printshop. We print and produce a variety of products that include paper stationery, exercise notebooks, posters on sticker paper, with two side gum tape, hanging cards, danglers, labels, wall calendars and more.

The print shop offers high end printing, packaging and binding. This includes six color offset printing, Aqua/UV coating, spot, gloss and texture. World class quality is delivered with the help of high end technology, professional management and competent technicians. Our human resource practices result in stable manpower and efficient work flow. Integrated processes and adequate industrial infrastructure further enhance productivity.