Heidelberg - Speedmaster CD 102 6+LUV

Our Clients

1. VST Industries Limited
2. Reckitt Benckiser (India) Limited
3. Godrej Consumer Products Limited
4. Sangam Dairy Vita Biopharma Private Limited
5. JK Paper Limited
6. Manaksia Limited
7. R.R. Sports
8. Manasa Natural Resources Private Limited
9. Vimkar Contract Works Private Limited
10. KV Repellants Manufacturing Company

World class features at JC United:

~ High-end technology
~ Professional management
~ Competent technicians
~ Stable manpower
~ Integrated processes
~ Efficient work flow
~ Industrial infrastructure

Technology, the value of automation

Prepress – Printing – Finishing - Converting

Gone are the days of the Letterpress and imported used machinery. India today is flexing its muscle to play a major role in a world where knowledge and technology are centre stage. In the same spirit, J.C. United has invested carefully and substantially in high-end machinery and technology to deliver the best products and services at competitive prices in the industry. Among the range of machinery at JC United, here are the high performers.

Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102 6+LUV

The Heidelberg Speedmaster at JC Graphics is a state of the art offset printing system that delivers six colours plus UV. It features precision German engineering at its best.
The Speedmaster makes it possible to deliver volumes quickly and with stable quality.
Consider its highlights:
~ Enhancements in conventional and UV printing and curing
~ Prints on a variety of substrates, like plastic and Met Pet
~ 14000 Sheets per hour
~ Carbon neutral
~ Energy saving
~ Exceptional quality

Bobst Novacut
Die Cutting

The Bobst NOVACUT gives us the ability to die-cut all types of products and materials, productively, ergonomically, beautifully and affordably. And we are just an Internet connection away from a worldwide team of engineers and process specialists to help and advise us on production challenges.
So for great die-cutting, it doesn't get better than at JC United.

Bobst Expert Fold
Folding and gluing system

This recently installed machine boosts our capacity to fold and gum large volumes of packaging for fast moving consumer items.

Power Packed
Mono and Master Cartons

The packaging unit produces some of the best mono cartons and corrugated boxes in the country. Skilled men and women utilize an array of equipment and skills to deliver volumes and quality.

Line-O-Matics / ECH
Exercise Book Production

The four Line-O-Matic machines at JC Stationery are state of the art production systems for notebooks. These export quality machines are manufactured in Gujarat and were developed with expertise from JC Stationery. Beginning with a reel of paper, they deliver complete notebooks, ready for the consumer. The star of the notebook producing unit is the ECH WILL machine from Germany.

The technology at JC United includes:


We are equipped with:

1. High speed IBM & HP computer server machines with A3 size color printer attached for design and art work proofing.
2. CTP – PT-R 8300 S Plus Proteck Online Processor with Baking Oven
3. Proteck CTP plate exposing system Model: QAX 3090 Dis
4. Heavy duty plate processor for P.S. plate
5. Proteck XPD – 85D Developer Machine
6. Backing Machine


Automatic Offset and Gravure Printing Machines:

1. Komari Lithrone 644 C with Alcohol Damping and CPC computerized system with dedicated coater and extended Delivery with interduct UV - 6 color
2. Komari Lithrone 40 with Alcohol Damping and CPC computerized system with dedicated coater and extended Delivery with interduct UV - 6 color
3. Komori Lithrone L640 LX, Plus tower coater & extended delivery- 6 color
4. Mitsubishi 40 UV with Varnish - 6 color
5. Planeta VL76A12SW1 Sheet Fed Offset Printing 50” - 2 Color
6. Heidelberg Speed Master 40” - 2 Color
7. Sheet–Fed Gravure with U.V. Coater -1 color


1. Bobst Novacut106 E Hi – Speed Automatic Die Cutting Machine
2. Bobst 102 CER Hi-Speed Automatic Die cutting with stripping & Blanking
3. Sugano 40" with hot foil stamping attachment along with stripper
4. Sugano 50" with Stripper and Blanking
5. Cross land APD Die Cutting Automatic (Vertical Punching)
6. Polar Programmatic Cutting Machine
7. Wholenberg Programmatic Cutting Machine
8. Automatic Carton Folder Gluer Machine
9. Leaflet folder machine
10. Wenchyuan UV, Aquas, Spot Coating Machine
11. Hieber & Schroder Window Patching Machine


1. Corrugation Machine - 52” & 46”
2. Pasting Machine - 46”
3. Flex Printing Machine - 46”
4. Slotting Machine - 46”
5. Creasing Machine - 46”
6. Punching Machine - (35 X 45, 36 X 46)
7. FMZ- 1260 High Speed Automatic Board to Flute lamination Machine - 50” x50”


1. Fully Automatic Exercise Book Machine - Nova Rb 104s LineOmatic
2. Fully Automatic Exercise Book Machine - Nova Rb 91, Lineomatic
3. Automatic Exercise Book Machine , Ech Will
4. Automatic Gultone Machines
5. Three-Knife Trimmer
6. Ruling Machine High Speed 91 Cms. Line Omatic
7. Automatic Book Folding Machines
8. Automatic Form Folding Machine
9. Gathering & Composing Machine
10. Astronica - Fully Automatic Sewing Machine
11. Semi Auto Sewing Machines , Kumaran
12. 21 Clamp Perfect Binding Machine
13. 6 Clamp Perfect Binding Machine
14. Nipping & Smashing Machine
15. Hardbound Pressing Machine
16. Fully Automatic Lamination Machine
17. Semi Automatic Lamination Machines
18. Semi Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines
19. Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines(Shranklin)
20. Kolbus Case Making Machine
21. Kolbus Case In Machine
22. Kolbus Bindery Line
23. U.V. Coating Machine
24. Fork Lifts with Clamp
25. Forklift (only forks)
26. Generators
27. Manual Pining Machine
28. Hard Board Cutting Machines
29. Sheeting Machines
30. Back Squaring Machines
31. Creasing Machines


1. Scuff Proof Tester
2. Bursting Tester
3. Compression Tester
4. GSM Tester
5. Caliper Thickness Gauge